CO2 laser power supply

The MYJG laser power supply is typically used in CO2 laser systems, which are commonly used in industrial cutting, engraving, and marking applications. It is known for its high efficiency and excellent power stability.

Some key features of the MYJG laser power supply include:

1. Power Output: It can provide a high-voltage output to energize the laser tube and generate the laser beam.

2. Stability: The power supply ensures a stable and consistent power output, which is essential for precise laser operations.

3. Safety: It includes various safety features to protect the laser system and operators from electrical faults or malfunctions.

4. Control Interface: The power supply usually has a user-friendly control interface that allows operators to adjust and monitor the power output.

5. Compact Design: The MYJG laser power supply is often compact and lightweight, making it easier to integrate into laser systems.

Overall, the MYJG laser power supply is a reliable and efficient component for powering CO2 laser systems, providing the necessary electrical energy for laser operations.

Co2 laser power supply photo

co2 laser power suupply

Co2 laser power supply problem test

When your CO2 laser engraving cutting machine don’t have laser light, you need to check which if laser tube or laser power supply has problem. This articel to introduce how to test the laser power supply.

co2 laser power supply

Step 1: Please install the laser tube to the laser machine, even the laser tube is damaged.

Step 2. Turn on the laser machine (turn on electricity ). laser power supply will show : L 0 as the above picture:

Step 3: Press “Pulse” on laser machine panel, to see what value on laser power supply? Here take Reci W2 laser tube as example,

Laser power setting Normal current value on power supply Test result ?
Set your laser power 80%   Approximately 25ma ?
Set your laser power 50% Approximately 10mA ?

If your test result is near to the normal value, your CO2 laser source / co2 laser power supply is normal, otherwise, damaged.