Detailed explanation of marking date setting, This article is mainly talking about the data setting of fiber laser marking machine. And the Ezcad software is version 2.7.6.

Person photos: the profile of the person is clear, and the contrast between the person and the background color is strong, , and the brightness is moderate. This is the first situation of marking data setting.

Scenery picture: the contrast between the scenery and the background is more big, and the rightness is moderate. And as possible as minimize other fine scenes. This is the second situation of marking data setting.

If the fiber laser source is high quality, the pictures with outstanding details is ok for laser marking. It is better to not mark the scenery with various glitch.

Character photos: Different treatments depending on the focus of the highlighted text or the highlighted image.  If you want to highlight the text and directly mark the bitmap is not good. The text in the original picture can be extracted and marked with a vector graphic, using EzCad2.0 software or CorDRAW and other software are ok.
This is the third situation of marking data setting.