Fiber laser marking effect is more and more light, why this? Here Jinan Weihua Machinery list some possible reasons, for your reference.

  1. Laser path of fiber laser marking machine is some deviating. Then we need to adjust the laser light path. For example, the laser focal distance  is wrong. We need to adjust the focal distance be correct, to make it in the best situation.
  2. The lens is dirty. How to make it clean ?

You just need to use one Cotton swab to absorb some industrial alcohol. And to clean every mirrors and lens. Then to mark again.

Industrial alcohol is as this picture

  • 3. The laser power of fiber laser marking machine has problem.

   Please check the data setting in the Ezcad software. Such as the the percent of the laser power setting.The setting of marking speed  is too high, and the filling way is not reasonable.

4. The higher marking speed, the light of marking result. And the filling way is also very important. Need to try to test and set. And also need to change the line space. Usually, we make it 0.08-0.15mm in Ezcad software.

5. The fiber laser source is weaken.

It is the worst situation we don’t like to have. If not the above 4 reasons, please consider the fiber laser source itself. How long has been this laser source working? May be the laser source is weaken after long time working. In Theoretically, the service time of fiber laser source is 100000 hours.  It is the time to consider to change a new one fiber laser source.

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