Vinyl cutting plotter

Vinyl cutitng plotter, othere names. Cutting plotter, vinyl plotter,lotter. plotter cutting and others. It has widly application, Advertising Logo cutting. Vinyl adhesive, reflective film. Craft paper, sandblast membrane. PET, PP, PVC, PC, wall paper, etc. Application filed :Packaging proofing, clothing plate. Making car beauty industry. Make Signs for shop windows, cars and vans. cutting labels. Heat pressing logos and slogans onto T-Shirts..

Samples made by cutting plotter

Here we share some photos samples made by our vinyl cutting plotter.

Vinyl cutting plotter

More about vinyl cutting plotter

A vinyl cutting plotter is a machine that is used to create intricate and precise designs on vinyl material. It is commonly used in the sign-making industry to create vinyl decals, lettering, and graphics.

The plotter consists of a cutting blade that is controlled by a computer software program. The design is created on the computer and then sent to the plotter, which cuts out the design on the vinyl material. The plotter can cut through the vinyl material to create fine lines, curves, and shapes.

Vinyl cutting plotters are versatile and can be used with different types of vinyl materials, such as adhesive vinyl for signs and decals or heat transfer vinyl for textile applications. They are usually equipped with adjustable speed and pressure settings to accommodate different materials and cutting requirements.

These machines are commonly used by sign makers, graphic designers, and hobbyists. They offer a precise and efficient way to create custom designs on vinyl materials, allowing for endless creative possibilities.